2015 SIHH Montblanc Metamorphosis II–Innovation&Tradition

Montblanc Metamorphosis II watch is the most complicated movement that it ever produced, fully displaying its new aesthetic and would definitely become the center of attention. This brand new Montblanc Metamorphosis focus on the metamorphosis, and through 746 components, it is protected by complicated movement which is the fruit of four years of development. The layers of dial unfolds like a gorgeous theater. Its uniqueness is to achieve the breakthrough on the designing and functions, making them works in the movement, and could switch between the precision and chronograph. The changes is featured by the brave design and redisplay the combination of traditional design and infinite potentials. .

Montblanc Metamorphosis is the first watch that could do the quick switch. In order to challenge this proble, designers from Montblanc, with its rich experiences in making watches, and referring to the old techniques of automatic manufacturing, is able to build this terrific watches. Montblanc Metamorphosis is completely made manually, and would surely has a say in the world high-end watches. It displays the eternity and grace in the world as well as Montblac’s philosophy of beauty, launching a new chapter in the designing history.

Double Side
It would be easy to talk about the principle of Montblanc Metamorphosis, but when comes to the action, it comes harder. In the standard, the watch runs precisely, and displays hour, minute, and date. At the left side of the leverage, it is used to start the double-side change that could switch from a standard face to another brand-new face. At meantime, the controlling system will start the highly complicated mechanical program, and change the standard dial to the chronograph dial.

For the change in the watch-technology of the Montblanc Metamorphosis, you can again start the system and started run it in the counter way.

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