Breguet: The Unique Philosophy Of Beauty

Without doubt, Breguet is favored by the celebrities, and it can be proved by the buyers’ lists some important auction houses, and different people have different need for it. Although Napoleon took its cautious attitude about Breguet watches, he was the first buyer who bought Breguet’s first travelling watch. No.178, a watch with date and moon phase, could provide enough information about people who went on a long distance travailing. I guess that Napoleon prepare this necessary watch for its long expedition to Egypt. Having such a buyer like Napoleon, there will surely be a lot of people who go after it. No.3347, a legend watch with moon phase and minute repeater, was sold on 20th August, 1831. No.5017, a traveling clock, was produced between 1831 to 1832 and was sold to CompteWladimir Komar in 11st June, 1853. What’s more, there is another railroad clock which was purchased by a active banker in Paris. Actually, Breguet has been dedicating in producing small clock and exquisite watches.

In addition to the celebrities in the social occasion, public, comparing to the famous celebrities, are also fond of Breguet watches, and such influences went through the whole Europe. A natural scientist and traveler from Germany spent 1000 Francs on No.3288,a watch with Breguet hands, and white enamel dial. Another eccentric choice come from the purchase of No.1782 which bought by de Dion, the first winner in the car race. With the same taste like Vicomte, born in a old French family and who was known as a doctor and a pilot in the first world war, spent 28,500 Francs bought the No.2795 ultra-thin minute repeater watch. It is rare complicated watch ever had before. What deserves our attention is that last two watches are invented after Breguet’s death, which also reflected Breguet’s inherit in its tradition.

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