Review On IWC Aquatimer GST

Aquatimer Deepsea III is the third generation diver watches that is fitted with IWC depth gauge. IWC sticks to its severe quality, and develops and updates its depth gauge and rotating bezel, furthering consolidating its skills in exquisite machine. For those divers, one thing is certain: diving is thrilling, but premise is that they should have reliable equipment, and sticks severely to some basic rules, for example, not diving without company, preparing two diving suites and its critical components, watching the current depth and consuming time to make sure that you have enough time to float and decompress. For the first rule, you need assistance from you r friend, and for the second you need an Octopus, an adjuster. But for other rules, a IWC Aquatimer third generation may do some help to you.

Aquatimer integrates the advantages from the inner and outside bezel, such as anti-dust and anti-scratch that is convenient for operating. Thanks to the clutch system, the energy could be effectively driven to the bezel. The mechanical Aquatimer is water to 10 barometers, which is approximately 10 meters.

Looking back the history: in 1999, IWC built the first GST watch with titanium material. Back then, diver watches with depth gauge was quite rare, and complicated. But finally engineers from IWC overcame difficulties, and added a measuring tube around the movement. When diving, the seawater would first go through the measuring tube, and then with water pressure going up, the tube will incline and thus convey this message to the double hands: a white hand indicates the depth while another one could indicates the max depth. As the depth hands go through the movement, then there is no big second hand, but divers emphasize the importance of second-it could not only measure the decompressing time, it could also measure other standards.

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