Rolex Replica Watches: Know the 3 Types

Okay let’s face it; you are purchasing an item that is actually teetering around (a sort of) legal grey area, so you should not expect that everyone should be wearing a white hat. Manufacturers of annoyingly cheap FAKE Rolex timepieces are known to create watches that are embarrassingly fake!
There are 3 groups of Fake Swiss Rolex watches:
1. Crude Cheap Watches
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These so-called Rolex watches cost just $7 to produce and feature Chinese made movements. The cases of these timepieces are horribly machined, the parts are mostly stamped metal and the dials have blurry numbers, the date windows are mismatched and the hands are clunky. These pathetic excuses for Swiss watches actually have quartz movements. The only good news about these watches is that they are really cheap and run ok – they are typically sold under fifty dollars ($50). The really bad news is that nobody, not even your clueless Uncle Jiminy Billy-Bob would think that they are real Rolex watches. You will find these fake watches sprawled out on the table or floor mat of a street merchant with bizarre names of the dials such as Rolexx or Folex. Unless you are buying a gift for a relative in prison, stay away from these watches.
2. Knockoff Watches
These watches typically cost the manufacturers not more than forty dollars ($40) to produce. From a distance, your Uncle Jiminy Billy-Bob might just think that this is the real McCoy. The inside of these watches feature generic movements and components of low quality. These watches look okay, but they cannot fool a well trained eye. Expect to get these watches for less than $200.

3. Replica Swiss Watches
The Swiss replica Rolex watch sits pretty at the top of the tier. Swiss refers to the origin of the watch’s movement. Watches with “Swiss Movement” are pricey and could cost the manufacturer up to three hundred dollars or more to produce. The Swiss Rolex replicas clearly stand out due to their great attention to detail that others simply ignore or get wrong. These timepieces mostly use movements incorporated into Rolex, Omega, and other high-end watches, and mostly utilize real gold in the production of the casework and bracelet. You can expect pay up to a thousand dollars ($1000) to get a top quality Swiss replica watch.
These cool Rolex replica watches are well designed and can even fool anyone into believing that they are the real McCoy.

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