The Last Flight Platinum Auction in Sotheby

In November 2014, a high-end Swiss watch from IWC will be auctioned in Sotheby, which is IWC Pilot The Last Flight Limited edition. IWC Pilot The Last Flight was released in commemoration of Anthony, an outstanding writer and pilot in 70 years ago. It will be bid in Sotheby in November 11th, 2014, and all the money will be donated to the charity for facilitating global educational cause.

July 31st, 1944, Anthony navigated his plane to do the reconnaissance in Viet Nam, and disappeared suddenly and never made it back. It is not until 1998 when a fisherman in Marseilles, doing fishing, found this French hero’s watch band and his missing began emerging. Soon later, plane fragments were found and was confirmed that it was Anthony’s plane. Driven by the patriotism and adventure spirit, this writer took the mission by doing air reconnaissance in Germany. When the German pilot hit the plane, he definitely had no idea that the victim was the write he was crazy about.

For this auction, Tim Bourne, who is in charge of Sotheby global auction, said that Pilot chronograph deeply reflect his great works and humanitarian which is still encourage us. “I am glad to work with Swiss IWC watch brand and join hands in supporting charity fund “. GeorgesKerns, the exec of IWC, said ” in the last year auction, Pilot perpetual calendar is done for 173,000 Swiss Franc, and all the money was put in the charity to help set up a building with a library in Burma. We hope that this Platinum Pilot special edition will have a good bid. As a company with strong sense of social responsibility, it is our honor to work with Anthony charity which, with its strong global connections, promote such movement to support and help poor people.

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