Adult Animal Costume – Kimono Fabric

“Rabbit on Sitten” adult animal kigurumi party supplies are perfect for your next Animal inspired party. They can be used as stand alone decorations or you can layer them with other party decorations and accessories to create a layered look for your rabbit girls & boys’ party. These adult rabbit enemies come in five different colors so you can choose which ones you want to make available for your girls & boys furry friends.

Adult Animal Costume - Kimono Fabric
Product Description. Pink Rabbit Onesie For Adult Animal Kigurumi Costume. Material: 100% Fleece, No Fade, Good Washing Effect. Color: Pink (for girls) or White (for boys). On Sitten Pink Robe Kids Costume, Rabbit on Sitten Pink Robe Adult costume, and Pink Bunny Costumes for Girls and Boys.

Product Description. This is a soft, plush pink onesie with a short Cat Kigurumi Onesie squat body and pink ears and tail. The top of the onesie has a Velcro strap that you can easily pull down over the head of the doll. The rest of the material is soft and smooth and comes in several bright colors. They also have a couple of fun designs on the outside of the onesie.

Product Description. This adorable rabbit onesie is worn by an adult female and is machine washable in cold water and with gentle detergent. It is also machine made, so it is easy to ensure that it fits each child properly and is easy for them to put on and take off. It will also last for years to come.

Recommended Age. This is an adorable, small, medium sized, rabbit onesie that is machine washable and made for those who are very small adults. It is recommended for children ages three and up. It is one hundred percent cotton and comes in eight colors. It can be machine washed as normal with any mild detergent in cold water and it will tumble dry nicely.

The Adult Animal Costume kigurumi is cute and adorable and perfect for any occasions that you want to dress your little ones in! This costume comes with everything you need to create the perfect animal party for your baby boy or girl. You can use this kigurumi as a stand alone costume or you can incorporate it with other costumes for even more fun. The kigurumi is machine washable and comes with two sets of panties. Make sure to add this adorable kigurumi to your collection today!